Report : Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights, and Good Governance (DRG) Evaluation in Europe: Report on the Assessment of the Current State of DRG Evaluation in Europe (Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine)

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Established in 2013, the Turkish Monitoring and Evaluation Society (TMES) aspires to enhance accountability, organizational learning and development in Turkey. In this respect, TMES aims to bring together professionals and their work to practice and foster monitoring and evaluation culture across all institutions. In monitoring and evaluating the implementation processes and results, TMES embraces and respects transparency, objectivity, competency, systematic inquiry, reliability, usefulness, feasibility, and plurality as its guiding principles. In TMES practices, monitoring and evaluation process is seen as a flexible cycle that consists of planning, budgeting, communication, capacity building, participation, and data management phases. TMES’ areas of interest include all management approaches which emphasize monitoring and evaluation, such as project management, strategic management, performance management and quality management.

Our Vision

 TMES’ vision is to help create societal structures in Turkey that embrace monitoring and evaluation as a management tool for learning, development and accountability purposes.

Our Mission

TMES’ mission is to make monitoring and evaluation practiced as an integral part of management and decision making processes by means of fostering monitoring and evaluation culture. In this respect, TMES is a platform that:

  • brings together institutions, practitioners, and related work;

  • develops standards and principles;

  • creates public awareness;

  • provides training and consultancy services;

  • disseminates international experience

on monitoring and evaluation in Turkey. 

Our Values

  • Competency

  • Impartiality

  • Reliability

  • Participation

  • Transparency


Our Goals

TMES aims to:

  • create a society that will cultivate monitoring & evaluation culture and discipline;

  • contribute to developing monitoring & evaluation as a professional field;

  • learn and teach monitoring & evaluation;

  • conduct research, and produce and disseminate new knowledge on monitoring & evaluation;

  • inform and encourage stakeholders on the potential uses of monitoring & evaluation;

  • establish partnerships;

  • conduct and / or facilitate monitoring and evaluation work

in Turkey.

Members of the TMES Executive Board

  • Dr. Volkan ERKAN - President

  • Ş. Güray ÇELİK -  Vice President

  • Anıl YILMAZ - Secretary General & Board Member

  • M. Şakir ŞENTÜRK - Comptroller & Board Member

  • Prof.Dr. H. Hakkı YILMAZ - Board Member

  • Dr. Mehmet UZUNKAYA  -  Board Member

  • Ayşe OĞUZ- Board Member

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